Classico DOC
It goes well with all fish preparations and fresh or mild cheeses. Serve at 10-12° C...

Vine variety: 50% local Corvina, 35% Molinara, 15% Rondinella.
Production area: Hills of the classic Valpolicella area, Veneto region.
Vinification: Pressing of the grapes and 10-days maceration, followed by fermentation at 26° C. Short aging of 4 months in barrels.

The COLOUR is ruby red with light topaz highlights.
The BOUQUET opens with cherry and raspberry notes enriched with hints of blackberry jam.
The TASTE is soft and savory, with notes of plum and dried fruit, enriched with mild flavors of toasted oak.

Serving suggestions: Whole meal wine, it goes well with pasta dishes of the Venetian cuisine, turkey meat or delicate red meats. Serve at 18-20° C.

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